Everything in Moderation

Minuteman Press Bristol is thrilled to have been appointed as moderators to the Graphic Design Forums. The UK forum for graphic designers is highly regarded, well established and enjoys significant traffic.

The six forums are concerned with graphic design, website design, business, software, general issues and the graphic design market. The forums maintain a high quality of content and are frequented by students and professionals.

Minuteman Press Bristol director Peter Wise said: “The UK Graphic Design Forums is a virtual location where graphic designers, printers, students and others meet together on equal terms and share knowledge. The openness is refreshing and the willingness to help each other impressive. Much of the debate concerns cutting edge concepts, the forums are a fantastic source of knowledge. We are looking forward to our new role.”

The moderator’s role is primarily that of guardian of quality and relevance, forum rule compliance enforcer and occasional adroit arbiter.