Is the BPIF Right?

The British Print Industry Federation (BPIF) voted to prohibit pre-pack companies from its organisation.

Peter Wise, director of Minuteman Press Bristol, said that he was more than happy with the decision and called for more organisations to do the same.

“It would be great if other organisations like the Federation of Small Businesses and the Direct Marketing Association followed suit, or even something like the Forest Stewardship Council could go that way,” said Peter.


Paper Cost Increases

PrintWeek, 21 May 2010, by Helen Morris:

“Printers are being forced to put up their prices despite the risk of losing business, following last week’s announcement that paper merchants were set to raise prices next month.

However, Peter Wise, managing director of Minuteman Press Bristol, claimed increasing prices would be a last resort for the company. ‘We will not pass on any increases and would rather change suppliers. We are appalled and astonished at print manufacturers’ poor negotiating skills.'”


No Paper Price Rises at Minuteman Press Bristol!

Despite deflation and recession, the major UK paper merchants will be increasing paper prices by 5-7%. However, Minuteman Press Bristol has fought these price rises to ensure that costs need not be passed on to clients during tough market conditions.

“Running inefficient operations as some of the paper merchants do, and requiring the market to subsidise the failures of the supplier, is truly appalling,” said Peter Wise, managing director of Minuteman Press Bristol.

He added that merchants should offer consistent pricing, and that as designers and printers agree prices with clients, merchants should also plan ahead.

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Industry reacts with anger to latest increase in paper prices.


We’re on the Up!

Minuteman Press Bristol has been given a unique opportunity to feature in the print industry’s number one magazine, PrintWeek.

The success of Minuteman Press Bristol is compared with that of the elusive Bristol artist Banksy: achieved through word of mouth, quality, efficiency, flexibility and value added service.

Minuteman Press Bristol’s marketing strategy involves keen support of local events and organisations, developing a user-friendly far reaching website, offering a wide variety of products and services and environmental concern and awareness.

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How Minuteman Press makes sure its image is ship-shape and Bristol fashion


We’re in the News!

Bristol printers Minuteman Press have been making the news.

You can read our comments on the proposed partial Royal Mail privatisation in PrintWeek.

‘Spending Power is Staying Power’ is a keynote PrintWeek article in which marketing in the recession is discussed.

And as if this wasn’t enough, PrintingWorld features a cover story in which Minuteman Press director Peter Wise discusses out of house design departments for which we’ve an excellent established reputation.


Peter Wise Wins Best of PrintWeek Award

PrintWeek magazine, published by Haymarket Business Media, has selected Peter Wise, managing director of Minuteman Press Bristol, as one of the six winners of the Q&A Best of 2008.

Q&A is a regular feature of PrintWeek, and the section provides an opportunity for senior printing industry personalities to reveal a little of their lives outside of design and print.

In the interview Peter revealed that what made him laugh were: “Volvo drivers – they are deluded motorway police wannabes”. And on being asked about his most embarrassing moment, he said that it was: “Explaining the large circular bruise on my forehead, which lasted two weeks and was caused by getting a working breast pump stuck to my head.”


Peter Wise Interviewed for PrintWeek Magazine

The full interview is located at A selection of questions and answers are listed below:

Why did you get into printing?
Having always worked in marketing communications and been a buyer of print for years, working closely with printers, I fancied life on the other side of the press

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

A dynamic Bristolian actor, loved by millions and capable of moulding into any role: Morph

What is your dream bit of kit?
A privatised Royal Mail service, capable of delivering the services they promise

What would you most like to print?
Smash Hits magazine. But I fear it is gone forever. Failing that, Hansard – an iconic publication

Who or what do you hate the most?
Loud people, John Lennon, Simply Red. In that order

What is your greatest luxury in life?

Non-fiction books, Sennheiser headphones and an original Eames lounge chair and foot stool. Used in combination, the result has to be experienced

What is the strangest job you’ve ever done?
Introducing and implementing proportional representation at a convent. The existing first past the post system was generating unrepresentative results among the Sisters

Who or what makes you laugh?
Volvo drivers. They are deluded motorway police wannabes

Most embarrassing moment?
Explaining the large circular suction bruise on my forehead, which remained with me for two weeks, caused by getting a working breast pump stuck to my head