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Indie Shaman (IS) is an independent UK based organisation and magazine publisher offering support, information and training on shamanism and living a shamanic lifestyle; an active organisation providing regular courses, an online shop, events, a popular community forum and more.


In 2009 IS was a membership organisation that wanted to produce a magazine for its membership and for retail. The magazine solution had to be affordable, ecologically grounded and manufactured relatively locally (to reduce the environmental footprint).

IS were seeking a partner that was ethical, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly; a design and print company that was willing to hold the hand of IS, given that they were new to the publishing industry and had never worked in magazine production before.


IS read various publishing related contributions that had been written by Minuteman Press Bristol on an online business forum and identified Minuteman as a potential supplier. Contact was made, at first online, and then by phone and finally in person.

Communication was responsive and friendly, Minuteman Press helping every step of the way and always being patient. Indie Shaman supplied the magazine as was; Minuteman provided lots of guidance with layout, bleed, resolution, software usage and so much more. A selection of environmentally favourable material solutions were available as standard and IS selected the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) route.


The magazine was produced with FSC materials and designed using a book layout to promote ease of reading for those with dyslexia. Minuteman provided much technical feedback to get the product right, and they did get it right.Technical knowledge at IS grows and the magazine just gets better and better.

IS magazine is an A4 (210mm x 297mm) extending over 52 pages, produced in full colour, gloss art 250gsm cover and gloss art 130gsm internal pages, saddle stitched, and features a double scored spine.

The latest edition looks wonderful. IS regularly attracts high profile contributors and the feedback from the authors is of assurance that they are working with professionals, judging by the quality look and feel of the magazines.

Working with Minuteman Press Bristol has been an absolute pleasure says Indie Shaman “Without Minuteman Press Indie Shaman magazine would not be here” and IS add “Indie Shaman has moved from being a membership organisation to a membership organisation and publishing house”.

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