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A self-inking stamp includes a die and a re-inking pad that is incorporated in a convenient spring loaded mount. Self-inking stamps are an indispensable tool for every business, because they are compact, clean and quick drying and are a timesaver.

Self-inking stamps are flexible to use, can be dismantled so that one can change the colour and are reusable. In addition, there is no need for a separate stamp and inkpad. One can just replace the rubber dye if separate information is required on the stamp. Self-ink stamps are made of durable long lasting plastics.

At Bristol based Minuteman Press, we offer a wide range of custom self-inking stamps that suit many purposes.

Our personalised ink stamps help clients to deploy noticeable communication on existing documents. All our self-inking stamp products are of premium quality yet affordable. If a client already has a design, we can move directly to production.

Ink stamps are also available with separate ink pad.

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