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Lithographic printing

Lithographic (offset) printing has been dominating the printing industry for decades and it is the most common and popular printing process today. From publishers to newspapers, all depend on offset printing for its consistency and reliability. The process works best when combined with advanced lithographic techniques.

Litho printing is a preferred choice of printing process in the industry because of its simplicity. Water and ink are mixed and added to a cylinder, which transfers the image to a second cylinder also known as the offset cylinder. This offset cylinder then, in turn, transfers the ink onto the printing medium. The offset cylinder is made of rubber, so the ink transfer is smooth and distinct. The final product that is obtained from the procedure is crisp and clear in appearance. Litho printing can be done on any medium including paper, leather, fabric and metal.

Minuteman Press, Bristol based lithographic printers offer a wide range of high quality and cost effective offset printing services. Starting from a preliminary design concept through to print production and delivery, we offer the best solutions for all your commercial offset printing needs. Our offset printing service includes book printing, poster printing, catalogue printing, magazine and journal printing, forms and stationery printing, etc.

Apart from standard sizes, we can tailor our services to ensure the client gets exactly what they are looking for. From layout, format, print finish, texture, ink, or colour, everything can be customised according to client requirements. In addition we also accept bulk print orders.

For more details about our lithographic printing services, please feel free to contact Minuteman Press Bristol.

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