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Perfect Binding

Bristol based printers Minuteman Press offer a professional perfect binding service using the latest technology and equipment. Perfect binding is the most common form of binding method used for soft bound books. Perfect binding ensures high quality binding suitable for most paper stock, number of pages and overall thickness. Strength and flexibility of the binding are the highest priority of this binding method.

Minuteman Press Bristol, a professional perfect binding company, offer binding services for books from a few pages to many centimetres in thickness. The process involves rough-cutting of the pages in the back to make them absorb the hot glue as they pass through the perfect binding machine; then a cover is applied and clamps tightly secure the book together curing the strong and flexible glue at the spine. At the final stage of the process the other three sides are trimmed to achieve a flawless finish. Our gluing techniques ensure that every page is tightly secured in the right place.

Please email us at Minuteman Press Bristol or call 0117 966 5566 for further information.

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