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Greeting Card Printing

Greetings cards originated in ancient China and early Egypt. The mass production of greetings cards began in the 1860s and humorous cards were introduced in the 1940s. At Minuteman Press Bristol, we offer professional greeting card printing which includes personalised greetings cards in addition to custom Christmas cards.

We print greeting cards such as bespoke greetings cards that can be printed from physical artwork supplied, digital file, or designed from scratch. Every order is unique. Greetings cards are typically produced in sizes A6 and A5, portrait or landscape; although in practice any dimension bespoke card is possible (although it is important to consider the availability of envelope sizes e.g. C5, C6, DL, which are manufactured in high volumes to standard envelope dimensions), as is any volume.

A wide selection of card stock options are available, all greeting cards come with a gummed diamond tuck flap envelope included.

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