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Document Folding

Bristol printers Minuteman Press offer creative document folding services, which are essential for menus, leaflets, brochures and many other products. Minuteman Bristol also make recommendations as to the suitability of a particular kind of fold in terms of paper size, thickness, weight or texture. Minuteman Bristol provide a diverse selection of folds ranging from simple letter folds, two-fold or tri-fold, parallel or z-fold or gate fold to complex harmonica folds depending on clients’ particular requirements. We employ the latest technology and equipment used in high speed folding ensuring fast turnaround and professional quality.

We provide a document folding service that is cost effective, and saves time and money for the client. Bristol printers Minuteman use cutting edge machine folding techniques and the latest equipment to accomplish all client requirements in-house. As leading Bristol printers Minuteman are able to offer bespoke hand folding services when there is a requirement for delicate and special mailings.

For further information please feel free to contact us at Minuteman Press Bristol or call 0117 966 5566.

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