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Foil printing

Foil stamping is a special printing process where we use metallic film and heat, producing a shiny design on a variety of materials. Foil printing company, Minuteman Press offer high quality foil stamping services, maintaining industry best practice and providing cost effective solutions.

Foil stamping is also known as foil printing, foil imprinting, leaf stamping, hot stamping and dry stamping. Client requirements involving foil printing includes business cards, book covers, vouchers, folders and a variety of other professional and personal items.

In terms of the process involved, a thin foil or layer of metallic leaf is pressed onto the surface with a heated die. The combination of heat and significant pressure applied ensures that the foil sticks to the surface whilst leaving a delicate imprint. Whether the edges of the foil stamp need to be curved, sculpted or straight, depends on the clients’ preference. Clients are offered a choice of colours and of course have the option to supply their own design.

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