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Typography Graphic Design

The term, typography refers to the arrangement of text on a page. It is used for different purposes including improving readability and creating impact. The fact is that many clients are unaware of the importance of typography, in terms that the quality of typography can make a significant difference in communications, as it can change the perception of written communication dramatically.

Typography graphic design is a specialist service in which the most effective combination of colour, font, size and spacing are chosen to suit a particular requirement. Choosing the right colour, font and format is extremely important to ensure that the reader is able to read text effortlessly. Whilst the right font and colour can improve readability, the wrong choice of font can make the text difficult to read; resulting in the reader ignoring the content.

Minuteman Press Bristol offers a quality typography design service. Our skilled graphic design team have extensive knowledge of typography and years of relevant experience. Minuteman Press’ expert professional designers understand which fonts work best with a particular background and will always advise clients as to the suitability of a particular font for a each design created in order that content is pleasant and easy to read.

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