Film Title Design

Film titles are so important in these days of multiple film channels and the ability to browse before you buy. Film titles are difficult; so many studios are involved in the production of even the lowest budget offering and so the viewer has to sit through sometimes as a many as ten information screens before the actual film title and cast are revealed.

Some studios have very iconic logos, so not much can be done with those, but sometimes even then they can be segued into the general tone of the titles. The ones that most people remember, long after the film has become all but unwatchable, are the ones which are animated. The first Pink Panther titles are legend, resulting in a spin off cartoon character which ran to 124 shorts and even three television specials.

Other early titles such as the Bond films and the original St Trinian’s set a standard which was copied for years. Nowadays, the film titles are very much more part of the film and sometimes it is hard to see when the title sequence has finished and the film proper begins. A recent example of that is Watchmen, which has a very long and striking sequence bringing the viewer up to date, going to the lengths of introducing characters not seen in the film itself.

The graphics of the wording has become less important than before, as anyone interested can now check details online if they desire to know more. In a list of categories as long as your arm, there is no Oscar specifically for Film Titles and yet a lot of work and thought goes into them, often to have them ignored. Finely produced film titles will capture the attention of the audience immediately, and are well worth the investment.

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