Folding Fleet for the Street

Mark Bradshaw Freego 640x480

Minuteman Press Bristol have commissioned a third folding bicycle to promote and facilitate the team’s commuting to work, client meetings, supplier meetings and deliveries throughout the day, in the Bristol area.

Minuteman Press Bristol commenced its bicycle delivery service in 2007 using a folding human powered Mezzo and in 2011 added a folding electric Volt Metro bicycle. In 2015, with the support of Bristol City Council and the Travelwest Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF), Minuteman Press Bristol have been able to add to the fleet with a folding electric Freego bicycle and Burley Bee trailer, locally sourced from Atmosphere Electric Bikes in BS1. The Burley Bee trailer will provide school-run facilities for two children and make possible larger deliveries during the working day.

In addition to commuting via walking, train and bus, Minuteman Press Bristol have been able to move to a vehicle free business model; deliveries outside of the Bristol area provided by Deltec International in BS3 (a four minute cycle ride).

Bicycles have proven themselves of great value at Minuteman Press Bristol over the years and the increase in cycle usage is gratifying. Many more organisations should review their transport policies and encourage employees to try alternative methods of travel.

Special thanks are recorded to Sara Sloman (Business Engagement Manager, LSTF) for her help and support throughout the application process and beyond.

Councillor Mark Bradshaw (former Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member) is pictured handing over the keys to Peter Wise (Director at Minuteman Press).


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