The Sound of Storensay

Peter and Lucie Wise, best known for being the joint directors of Minuteman Press in Bristol, have teamed up once again, but this time as authors. Peter and Lucie have written a marketing book entitled The Sound of Storensay. This is a marketing text written in a most unusual style, as a children’s story following the adventures of a group of young friends known as the puffins.

The unconventional approach has been chosen to increase knowledge retention while maintaining a high level of concentration. The reader will find that this business text is like none other previously read. The Sound of Storensay offers an intriguing route to writing comprehensive marketing plans. Complex theory is consolidated, and established principles explained in worked-through simple to follow examples.

Peter explained: “Our objective was to provide one book, which can be read and understood in several sittings, that will reveal how to write world class marketing plans with no previous experience.”

Lucie added: “We noticed a trend in the volume of requests we were receiving for guidance on the creation of marketing plans. In trawling books currently available, we identified an absence of comprehensive texts that were easy to read, affordable and consolidated established and contemporary theory.”

The book also has a website at, which brings the fictitious isle to life and provides further insight into the six years of research that was required to write The Sound of Storensay.


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