Tweet, Tweet

 If you’re not doing business on Twitter, then you’re not doing business as well as you could be. At Minuteman Press Bristol, we’ve made our mark on the micro-blogging platform.

We signed up to Twitter soon after it launched in 2006 and have enjoyed watching our followers surge in recent years – and were thrilled to recently pass the 5,000 followers mark.

But Twitter is about more than just gaining followers, it’s also about giving good tweet! So all our full-time staff in the Minuteman Press Bristol studio help with running our Twitter feed. We pride ourselves on not just tweeting about the services we offer, but also commenting on local news stories, offering a thought for the day and so much more. We love nothing more than chatting on Twitter with the fascinating people who populate the Twittersphere.

Director Peter Wise says: “Twitter allows us to talk to people informally, plus it gives us access to people and organisations we might not otherwise have been able to reach.”

If you’re not following us yet, you can find us at @MinutemanPress.


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