Anti Glare Screen Hood

We love the Datacolor Spyder3Pro and use it to calibrate our monitors every day. Having moved the desk of one of our graphic designers, the Spyder3Pro identified that glare was occurring because of artificial light hitting the screen in its new position. We needed the screen to stay in its new location, which unfortunately meant the impact of artificial light could not be avoided.

We knew a mechanical solution was required. But we didn’t want to use a screen filter because we wanted to ensure that the accuracy of the computer’s display was maintained.

After a quick search online for screen hoods, we saw that Posturite was well placed to help us out. Minuteman Press Bristol has previously bought a double screen arm from Posturite, which has proved to be of the highest quality and perfect for purpose; so we were confidence that they could deliver.


An Anti Glare Screen Hood (item 3173) was ordered at £34.45 (including £7.50 carriage) plus VAT. The product arrived the next day. A smooth transaction with excellent communication.


The product was suitably packed in recyclable packaging.


Installation was straight forward. The screen hood is easy to assemble and can be fixed to the monitor in minutes. Three plastic pieces interlock allowing the user to adjust the hood to fit the monitor. Velcro strips are applied to the screen back and screen hood to fasten it securely, after which no additional adjustment is required. Once fitted, the hood can be easily removed for maintenance and then reattached.


The impact of the Posturite Anti Glare Screen Hood was immediate. The display became clearer and crisper, colours richer and the screen with hood applied presented a more retro appearance, which was aesthetically pleasing. The product looks as it is named: a hood protruding from the top and sides of the monitor. Performing its job like a peaked hat, the hood cuts out light from overhead, therefore removing screen glare completely.

The screen hood is only available in dark grey and will not match all screens, but Minuteman Press Bristol was not concerned about this.


Minuteman Press Bristol would unreservedly recommend the Posturite Anti Glare Hood. It’s a simple piece of kit that makes a big difference to display performance.

We feel the Posturite Anti Glare Hood represents good value for money. It is user friendly in all aspects of its design and purpose, performing its job effortlessly once applied.


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