What is supplementary raw?

Where a brochure, leaflet, poster etc is designed with full bleed (print right up to the edges of the document, with no white border) the printer will use SR sized paper and card. SR is the abbreviation for ‘supplementary raw’.

Supplementary Raw is larger than the A series, eg SRA4 225mm x 320mm, A4 210mm x 297mm, allowing it to be cut down to a standard size once printed. The extra size is required for mechanical gripping on digital and offset printing presses.

Once a document is printed with full bleed onto the greater surface area of the SR paper/card, it is then cut to size (following cut marks included in the design). It is critical that the graphic is designed with overprint so that the document can be cut back. The end result is a seamless document.

Minuteman Bristol can help with all your SR and full-bleed printing needs. If you have any further questions about SR sizes or the use of differently sized paper for your printed materials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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